King Star United LLC

Guaranteed on-time delivery, every time, everywhere

Ensuring Safe, Compliant Logistics Every Step of Way.

Streamlined operations ensuring swift, efficient delivery

We always provide a complete solution of any business.

About Our Company

Trusted Logistic Service Provider

King Star United LLC is a well-established road freight transport & courier company, located in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The business transports a variety of general cargo & goods between GCCI countries, & offers a dedicated overnight road freight services within GCCI.

  • Quick Delivery Service
  • Low Delivery Charge
  • Safe & Secure Movement
  • State-of-the-Art Warehousing Facilities
Service We Offer

World Best Secure Safe and Trusted Logistic Services Provider

We started as a small transport business with the acquisition of a medium sized trucks, initially transporting goods within Oman. the company expanded its scope of area & transporting various goods from Oman to other GCCI countries & vise-versa with several happiest clients.

Efficient logistics solutions for seamless transportation and supply chain management

Our state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team of experts ensure real-time tracking, precise inventory management

Secure storage, fast access, tailored solutions for streamlined warehouse management.

Guiding Principles: Integrity, Transparency, Excellence

We at Kingstar United LLC endeavour to achieve a superlative ethical background to the business by providing the finest services to our clients. Ensuring an adequate deliverance of the service is the key goal for the company to achieve, therefore we at Kingstar give dominance to fulfil the needs of the client by striving to add justice- providing the service in a fair and equitable sense.

Inatalling Ethical Behaviour

we at Kingstar United LLC wholeheartedly believes that our customer and clients are the chief and listening to their needs and respecting their opinions and suggestions is our sole responsibility. The goal here is to build a strong relationship between the company and the clients.

Corporate social responsibility

kingstar has set the guidelines to increase the quality of the services given by the company, this in return ensures the satisfaction of our client, hence the goal being the same for the company.

Code of Conduct Title

Our code of conduct includes to provide a fair and equitable delivery services to the client, abide by all the institutional rules and regulations in a supreme manner. Nevertheless we at Kingstar express respect our colleagues and other professionals.