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About Our Company

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The company started as a small transport business with the acquisition of a medium sized trucks, initially transporting goods within Oman. the company expanded its scope of area & transporting various goods from Oman to other GCCI countries & vise-versa with several happiest clients. and since, then the business has grown substantially and for an ever-increasing demand for its services, we had added 20 trucks more recently.

Due to its expansion the business also had to relocate to a larger more suitable premises with wider office space.

Why Choose Us?

We Deliver your goods Very Fast & Secure.

We provide the best and safe service. We belong to a leading category of logistics companies with a clear market path.


Empowering Global Connections, Redefining Logistics Excellence

At King Star United LLC, we envision a world seamlessly connected, where goods flow effortlessly and sustainably, enabling businesses to thrive and communities to prosper. We are committed to revolutionizing the logistics industry through innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

Our unwavering dedication to efficiency, reliability, and environmental stewardship drives us to set new standards in transportation excellence. Together, we forge a future where logistics isn’t just a service, but a catalyst for progress.


Empowering Global Connections, Redefining Logistics Excellence

we are dedicated to revolutionizing the logistics and transport industry through a commitment to excellence in every facet of our operations. Our mission is threefold:

Unparalleled Service: We strive to provide our clients with seamless, reliable, and efficient logistics solutions tailored to their unique needs. 

Innovation and Sustainability: We harness the power of innovation and cutting-edge technology to drive sustainable practices throughout our operations. 

Empowering Our Team: We foster a culture of continuous learning, growth, and empowerment for our employees. By investing in their development

Our mission